Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who I am. What I Believe.

I think the best way to start my blogging is a bit of an explanation about myself; who I am, what I enjoy, what is important to me and most importantly, what I aim for this blog to be about:

My name is James, although many also know me as Adam. I was raised Independent Fundamental Baptist, became a Southern Baptist when I left my parents' house, flirted with becoming Eastern Orthodox, and as of a year ago was confirmed into the Anglican Church (ACNA, part of GAFCON, if that means anything to you).

I used to absolutely love politics and hate theology. Now, I absolutely love theology, and only recently have started warming up again to politics. I plan on becoming a priest in the Anglican Church--with my parish and Bishop's blessings, of course!--if only I can finish my undergrad (two more semesters! I can do it!) and move on to seminary.

I'm a bookworm, and I love my Kindle. I'm also an Amazon junkie: in fact, I just bought about $70 worth of stuff on Amazon; most of it was towards gifts for my family. *pats self on back* I'm also a gamer; I love my Xbox 360 and 3DS. I'm probably not going next-gen, though; I barely have enough time to play the games I have now.

Oh, and this is incredibly important: I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. I read the books, play the games, and know more than just about any one of my friends about the lore of Star Wars. I love the many stories of the characters that can be found in the EU (Expanded Universe): Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Anakin Solo (NOT Anakin Skywalker: Anakin SOLO), Cal Omas, Nom Anor, Marka Ragnos, Darth Bane, Naga Sadow, The Qel-Dromas, Nomi Sunrider, and my all-time favorite: Boba Fett. Expect some blog posts about Star Wars in the future.

I plan on giving this a more in-depth look in one of my future blog posts, but for now I will give a brief explanation of what I mean by me being a "Wesleyan Anglo-Catholic Annihilationist with Eastern Orthodox leanings":

Wesleyan: I love John Wesley (he died an Anglican, after all!). Wesley's understanding of salvation is much more than the "salvation in a moment" understanding so prevalent today in Western Christianity. Sanctification is a major part of our salvation process.

Anglo-Catholic: As Rome is Roman Catholic, we are Anglo-Catholic. We look at ourselves as continuing in unbroken Apostolic Succession from the Apostles themselves, just like Roman Catholics and many of the various Orthodox Churches in the East. A High Church liturgy, coupled with traditional practices, and a great respect for the accumulated wealth of knowledge of the 2000 years of Christianity is what we're all about.

Annihilationist: I believe that Hell is the destruction of the wicked. Those who are unrepentant will be killed by God, as opposed to being tortured for all of eternity. Remember that the wages of sin is death, not eternal conscious torment. (This may seem at odds with my position concerning the importance of Church History; I will further explain in a future blog post, but there are many Early Church Fathers who held to such a view, my favorite Saint, St. Athanasius of Alexandria, being one of them.)

Eastern Orthodox (leanings): Basically, I love much of the liturgical tradition found in the Byzantine Churches, as well as the theology there. I cross myself at every mention of the Holy Trinity, I don't confess the Filioque, I love the Trisagion Prayers, I still on occasion go to Vespers at the local Orthodox Church on Saturdays (more so in the past few months than before), and I absolutely love the iconography of the Eastern Churches. As I had implied prior, I almost became Antiochian Orthodox. That blog post is for another time.

As for the aims of this blog? I love to write, and I figured at least one or two other people out there might want to read what I say. This is largely for me; I want to put on paper (fine; onscreen) what I think about concerning my Faith, with occasional dips into rants on books, games, sports (don't get me started on soccer), movies, music, women, politics, etc. Okay, maybe not rants. Okay, maybe, like, one rant once. At most. I dunno. We'll see.

James Gadomski.

Thanks for reading all of the way through; I hope you like my blog! If so, I'd love for you to check out my Patreon page and support me as I go through seminary. Oh? You don't know I'm in seminary? Well, I am! Yeah, if you wish you can check out my article on that, here. Be sure to check out my Facebook page, too! 

Oh! And I also run a podcast with my atheist friend, Xrys! It's called The Religious Nut and Hellbound Sinner Podcast, and we have a fun time discussing all sorts of topics: religion, politics, science, philosophy, movies, etc. Check out our Facebook page on that, as well! 

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